Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2011

So 2011 is moving by so fast. I thought I would write and update who ever is still following this with things going on in life :D

Next week I will be training for a new position. I will be the backup for the shipping department. I am excited to be able to move with in the company and show them that I am willing to work and learn.

As you can see with my new background the last Harry Potter movie is coming out in 73 days lol. Me and a bunch of friends and going out with a bang and are going to camp out.

Other than that nothing much else is new with me. I am excited for the warmer weather. Hope all of you are doing well. I will try to be better about posting.

Later all

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Coming Soon

Sorry for my inadequecy of keeping this updated. I will be making a new post soon.

Friday, July 24, 2009

*!* Harry Potter *!*

As I promised in my last post I have pictures from Harry Potter. We had a blast! A little back ground of the days events. So I am was just leaving school when I get this text from one of our line buddy's. It said there are people that camped out at University 6. I was like wow now that is dedication. They then told me they were going to go and get in line at stadium 8. So I stopped and got some treats and headed to the theatre but not before doing a drive by. LOL

And of course I took a picture.

So this year we were very disappointed with the management. We have been to many premieres and this time they did not let us in to wait by the door (well not at first) They made us wait out side on the side walk. So we made set up camp lol and had lunch.

So finally between 4:00 and 5:00 they start letting people into the theatre to wait in line but this year told us the we could not bring our chairs. Which let me tell you sucked. My butt was so not happy. So as the night went on everyone started getting silly Jami, Madi, Lisa, and Becca started making funny faces with part of a styro foam cup. Madi we now call our own little "worm tail"

Once we got into the theatre someone had found an awesome buy at the D.I. The sorting hat from the movie. He let us borrow it to take pictures. So here is a bunch of everyone getting sorted.

So sorry for the lengthy post and mummblings but we did have a lot of fun.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

*!* Busy Busy *!*

So as some of you know my younger sister is buying my grandma's house. So of course with any new home you want to make it fit you right. So we have been helping her take down wall paper and tear out carpet. Man is it work. So far we have found a total of 5 different styles of wall paper and in the bed room there was linoleum under neath the carpet in the bedroom. I have pictures but I will have to post them later.

I am almost done with my third week of school and things are coming along. I have recently discovered that I am not a big fan of filing. I know you are probably thinking that is strange just take my word for it it is not fun. I am also doing business math and excel 2007 level 1 just started that one yesterday. I have met some awesome people in the program that have made me feel like I am not new and have been there as long as they have.

On another note. Next week is the much anticipated Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince movie!!! We have ticket for the midnight premiere and have a big group going. Waiting in line has become a tradition for a couple of us. We have done it for all of them. So this year I went on ebay and found a couple of harry potter games that game out with the first movie for us to play while we wait in line. Pictures will be posted next week. You can't believe the costumes some people come in. So look forward to the post next week with the pictures.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

*!* Back To School *!*

As Happy Gilmore said, " Back to school back to school to prove to dad that I ain't no fool." Or something close to that. Yes folks I am officially a student again. I start school on the 22ND of June. I am going to bridgerland in their Business Technology Program. I am both excited and nervous. It has been such along time since I have been in school.

Also I took Tango to Petsmart today for a bath and brush. I love it when he gets done he is so shiny and smells so good. It was quite the ordeal starting off. I got there a little late and then he did not want to go with the girl. He started fighting with me and pulling back and then the next thing I know his collar is off and he is running toward the door. I know you are nervous just reading this right. So I take off after him and almost get him but of course that would be to easy right. Correct. The door opens and he is running through the parking lot. At this point my heart is racing I am scared that I am not going to be able to catch him. Where do you think he went. To the lawn were all the other dogs use it as their own personal outhouse. Whew!! I was able to get his collar back on and back into the store. I will say that maybe I should have taken his body language in to account because I did not like the girl that was grooming him. She did not even call me when he was done.

So that is the most recent update I can give. More to come with Harry Potter getting closer!!!!

I have to say that he does look very cute though!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

*!* Kate Voegele *!*

So on the 25Th of April. Me and some friend met up at the Kate Voegele concert in Salt Lake. It was pretty fun. She sang a lot of new songs from her up and coming album. I am pretty bummed I think I accidentally erased my memory card half way through the night because when I went to load the pictures on my camera there was only like 10 and a video. I am thinking that it was just that night. At the start of her performance she apologised for everything. I guess that their tour bus broke down on there way to Salt Lake. So they did the show with out some of there gear. It was kind of unplugged I guess you could say but still awesome. The Drummer used a make shift drummer and used a tambourine with his foot it was great. Very impressive. Thank goodness for Kassie posting some pictures online I was able to copy them.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

*!* Plans *!*

So I figured it was time for an update. I am still currently jobless though I am working on getting back into school. Last week I went and talked with someone about getting assistance with school and they told me it looked good but not definite. I go Monday and take my test at bridgerland. Wish me luck! I am looking into the business program there. I am also heading to a concert this Friday. Kate Voegele is going to be in Salt Lake I was unsure at first if I should go and then I thought that I deserved a little fun so I am going to meet up with a few friends it should be a lot of fun. If I can get pictures I will post them. Hope all is well with everyone else. Later !!